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We would just like to thank every single person who was a part of the 35th Annual Bay Area Playwrights Festival!

From the artists, staff, patrons, and supporters, it truly takes a village to produce the Festival and support the development of these new plays. The selected works for 2012--George Brant's Grounded, Christopher Chen's The Hundred Flowers Project, Gordon Dahlquist's Tea Party, Aditi Brennan Kapil's Brahman/i, Aaron Loeb's Ideation, and Lauren Yee's Samsara--have been changed for the better due to your participation.

With 6 diverse plays, 12 readings and discussions, design and playwriting symposiums, a Young Theater Makers Convening, and over 600 people participating, 2012 was a year where we continued to achieve our mission of supporting new work and making theatre relevant. Some days the inside temperatures were hotter than others, and discussions may have been a bit heated, but there's nothing like the fire that burned inside all of us this summer, fueled by the passion for new plays. For that passion and support, we thank you!

As some of you heard at the Festival, we have a new addition to the PF family, the soon-to-be-named Playwrights Foundation Studio! We began to announce the Studio while hinting (not so) subtly of all the work still left to do in order for it to really be ready for the developmental rehearsals and readings to be held there. Help us to finish Phase I and the initial construction, and to begin Phase II of the Project by giving here. Gifts made will be matched by a few generous donors, but only for a limited time!

Stay tuned as we begin to announce dates and information for our other projects. And don't worry, it won't be long till we are announcing the dates of next year's Bay Area Playwrights Festival!

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