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The Bay Area Playwrights Festival supports the development of six full-length plays annually: five selected from our annual open submission process to reflect the outstanding quality, diversity, and daring for which the Festival is known, and the sixth play a Producing Partnership that offers developmental resources to a play advancing toward production.

Each year we read over 500 scripts, and each year we debate mightily throughout the painful process of giving some of them up. Though we were not able to include the following plays in our festival, we wish to draw attention to them as plays of true excellence.

We are proud to present the
Top 20 Finalists of 2014

37th Annual Bay Area Playwrights Festival Finalists

Play Playwright Name Playwright Location Cast Size
What Clyde Invented Michael Bechard Cordova, TN 4M 3F
Casual Encounters Brooke Berman LIC, New York 4M 2F
I Will Be Gone Erin Courtney Brooklyn, NY 3M 3F
Dontrell, Who Kissed the Sea Nathan Davis Bloomington, IN 3M 4F
The Lady Scribblers Michaela Goldhaber Berkeley, CA 3M 6F
INC Diana Grisanti Louisville, KY 2M 4F
Blue/Whitney Steven Haworth Garrison, NY 4M 4F
The Fallen Women’s Guide to Packing Heat Kristin Idaszak La Jolla, CA 7F
Henny & Harry Mark Katzman Overland Park, KS 6M 1F
Mine & Yours Carolyn Kras Chicago, IL 2M 2F
Bird Fire Fly Mary Christina Laws New Haven, CT 3M
The Promised Land David Meyers Fort Lee, NJ 5M 2F
LION.PIG.WOLF.SNAKE Michael Mitnick Brooklyn, NY 4M 1F
The Body Steve Moulds Louisville, KY 1M 1F
The Bourgeois Pig Brighde Mullins Los Angeles, CA 3M 6F
Welcome to Jesus Janine Nabers Brooklyn, NY 5M 2F
Battle Cry Bianca M Sams Emeryville, CA 5M 4F
The Hunters Jen Silverman Astoria, NY 2M
Peppertree Daniel Sullivan Alameda, CA 1M 1F
Stranger Martín Zimmerman St. Paul, MN 1M 2F