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This year, The Bay Area Playwrights Festival will support the development of seven full-length plays: six selected from our annual open submission process to reflect the outstanding quality, diversity, and daring for which the Festival is known, and the seventh as a Producing Partnership that offers developmental resources to a play advancing toward production.

Each year we read over 500 scripts, and each year we debate mightily throughout the painful process of giving some of them up. Though we were not able to include the following plays in our festival, we wish to draw attention to them as plays of true excellence.

We are proud to present the
Top Finalists of 2015:

The Seven Honorable Mention Finalists:
The Black Mann Act Trail of Jack Johnson Vaudeville Show by Gamal Chasten
Fidelis by Christina Gorman
D Deb Debbie Deborah by Jerry Lieblich
PASS OVER by Antoinette Nwandu
Patron Saint of Monsters by Andrew Saito
The Moors by Jen Silverman
Adult Swim by Jonathan Spector

The Seventeen Finalists
Good Men Wanted by Kevin Armento
The Ghosts of Lote Bravo by Hilary Bettis
Laurel by Cornell Calhoun
Fruiting Bodies by Sam Chanse
Lifted by Dipika Guha
Milk Can Escape by Nicola Harwood
Neighborhood Watch by Rehana Mirza
Pairi Daiza by Nahal Navidar
the living'life of the daughter mira by Matthew Olmos
The Revolving Cycles Truly and Steadily Roll'd by Jonathan Payne
Together We Are Making a Poem in Honor of Life by Dean Poynor
Hot Sauce Jesus by Joshua Rollins
Queen by Madhuri Shekar
A History of the Body by Aimee Suzara
RUNBOYRUN by Mfoniso Udofia
The Calamity by Christopher Wall
Great White by Deborah Yarchun

Plays and contact information will be added shortly