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Play History

The Playwrights Foundation is very proud of the productions that come out of our programs and the success of our classes. The emerging playwrights involved in our programs and classes have amazing talent. We're delighted to share a history of the successes that have come out of our programs.

Bay Area Playwrights Festival

Each year we're overwhelemed with fantastic submissions to be included in our annual Bay Area Playwrights Festival. Click here to learn more about those plays and playwrights who have been chosen to participate in past festivals.

Rough Readings

Rough Readings are done in partnership with The Lark Play Development Center in NY and the National Center for New Plays at Stanford University. Rough Readings are often done in a series and they showcase first draft plays by PF and LARK resident playwrights that allows them to receive feedback at a critical stage in a play’s early development. Click here to learn more about the plays and playwrights who have been chosen to participate in these very popular programs.

PF Resident Playwrights' Productions

The goal of our Resident Playwrights initiative is to grow and sustain the Bay Area as a vibrant and fertile center for new plays. Productions by our resident playwrights that are currently running can be viewed on our Alumni News page. Click here to read about past productions.

Producing Partnerships and Commissions

Our Producing Partnerships and Commission programs support the inception and development of new work by our alumni, finalists and others, and advance the work from development to full productions by forming partnerships with local play producers. Click here to read about the success stories of these programs.