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Join Us to Celebrate Six New Plays - In The Making!

On the Precipice of the New

Ideas of Today from the Playwrights of Tomorrow

Six Plays, Two Intense Weekends, Limitless Imagination!

The 37th Annual Bay Area Playwrights Festival showcases some of the best new works of American Theater - our recent alumni include such notable writers as Marcus Gardley, Lauren Gunderson, Prince Gomolvilas, and Aaron Loeb to name only four of over 300! Come see the big names of tomorrow, today.

Playwrights of the BAPF 2014:

Phillip Howze

An affordable family vacation turns wild survivalist camp the night before Dad goes to war.

Don Nguyen

A heated battle rocks the family of a deaf fisherman and his daughter in this theatrical exploration of Deaf cultural identity.

Elizabeth Hersh
Shelter in Place

An apocalyptic dark comedy that examines our very rightful fear that private information really isn't private.

Rob Melrose
Ozma of Oz

A crazy trip-hop musical with Z.O.N.K. in partnership with Cutting Ball Theater is an adaptation of the enchanting novel that followed L. Frank Baumís classic Wizard of Oz.

E. Hunter Spreen
Split the Stick

The Brits formed contemporary Iraq and then we bombed it. An American veteran of the War and his family are left to clean it up. But can they?

T.D. Mitchell
Queens for a Year

Four generations of military women tackle another kind of war, in the way only women of grit can do.

Tickets Available June 2